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2010 September



BALDWIN PARK, CA.-  The city of Baldwin Park, in conjunction with local non-profit, MAPS 4 College, will launch the SPICES/Relationship Skills program to provide high school students tools to have a healthy relationship in order to improve the well-being of students.  As a partnering organization with the California Healthy Marriages Coalition and TELACU’s Healthy Marriage Initiative, MAPS will offer a FREE Love U2: Relationship Smarts Plus Classes that offers guidance on navigating the world of teen relationships on September 18 and 25, from 1 pm – 5 pm at the Family Service Center. High School Students who complete the 8-hour program will receive a FREE ACT practice exam on September 25, from 9 am – 1 pm at the Family Service Center.  Snacks and prizes will be provided.

The Love U2: Relationship Smarts Plus Class begins with lessons on self-awareness and future orientation and planning – including maturity, values clarification and peer pressure – before addressing romantic relationships. Teens learn about the nature and ups and downs of romantic attractions while being guided to build realistic concepts of love. Topics such as attractions, infatuation, ingredients and building blocks for healthy relationships, principles for smart relationships, and how true intimacy develops are addressed. Attention is paid to how to really get to know someone, how to gauge the health and safety of a relationship, and how to take a low-risk “deciding” approach that avoids high-cost consequences and attachments to problem people.  This edition includes communication and conflict management skills, dating violence prevention, identity and future orientation, and a unique approach to pregnancy prevention that educates about the needs of children and the importance of “sequence”, i.e. education, job, marriage before babies.

MAPS 4 College launched the SPICES/Relationship Skills programs at Del La Hoya Animo Charter High School, Camino Nuevo High School, Colegio New City High School, and other schools.

For more information regarding SPICES/Relationship Skills programs or other programs from MAPS 4 College, visit or call (310) 487-1228.

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