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About Us


MAPS 4 College (MAPS) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to provide comprehensive programs and services designed to help students develop necessary competencies to graduate from high school, succeed in college, excel professionally and live a life with character and excellence.


At MAPS, we have a mission to lower drop out rates from high school and college as well as prepare for the workforce by providing:

1. A comprehensive after school program for at-risk high school students.

2. A peer-led college preparation program through facilitated discussion, college admissions test preparation, and opportunity to lead and be mentored.

3. Leveraged relationships in the community to create opportunities for internships, and potential apprenticeships toward their desired career and profession.



MAPS acronym stands for:

Motivate to strive for excellence

Achieve to help the community-at-large

Personal commitment to transcend perceived limits

Speak the truth to change the world


Our Vision

We are an educational pipeline and leadership training institute that provides students and people a path to find a purpose in life. We provide programs and services for students, adults, families and leaders in various institutions and agencies to explore and maintain a quality life experience. We strive to strengthen communities by making it possible for people to become active citizens who will combat injustices and inequities in their lives to live a balanced life.

MAPS Essence 

MAPS are centered on essential attributes:

∆  We believe in the “whole” person so they will live a quality life;

∆ We work with participants’ holistically: we value the integration of cognitive knowledge and practical experience;

∆  We teach participants how to become fully engaged in organizational development in a meaningful way;

∆ We help participants develop reflexive and critical thinking skills that will aid them in problem solving in the 21st century;

∆  We value equity and acquiring sufficient cultural and social capital to engage in meaningful relationships with others whether they are: fellow students, parents, organizations, schools, cities, and/or other social/civic agencies; and

∆ We believe in a participatory democracy to provide people voice and agency to make meaningful decisions for themselves, workplaces and society.


MAPS Values 

  • Progressive: we generate and utilize fresh ideas, best practices, and unique experiences that culminate in creative and innovation applications.
  • Professional: we approach each endeavor with thoughtfulness, intentionality, and attention to detail in order to produce quality programs and resources.
  • Holistic: we bring multiple perspectives, disciplines, and giftings together in order to produce a clearer picture of life and purpose.
  • Hopeful: we embody optimism and care that works towards creating positive change and refuse to allow the past to get in the way of future possibilities.
  • Caring: we embrace each relationship with honesty and love that result in enduring commitments of mutual care.
  • Wise: we believe learning prepares the mind, body and spirit for leading an ethical and principled life of leadership and service.