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MAPS Overview


MAPS 4 College (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to lower drop out rates from high school and college as well as get people ready for the workforce by providing:

1.  Comprehensive After School Program;

2.  Peer-Led College Preparation Program through college admissions test preparation, and opportunity to lead and be mentored; and

3. Leveraged relationships in the community to create opportunities for internships, and potential apprenticeships toward their desired career and profession.

We mentor and train students to become better time managers, test takers, prepare them for college, increase their confidence, productivity, and interpersonal skills to improve their academic performance, personal and familial relationships, and social life.


MAPS Uniqueness

  1. MAPS is evidence-based and provides excellent results to successfully redirect students’ lives.
  2. MAPS is a human development organization that realigns human principles and values for students to do social good for themselves, others, and their communities.
  3. MAPS provides a comprehensive program that seamlessly bridges the social-emotional learning (affective), academic learning (cognitive), and other human components into one comprehensive college preparatory leadership and mentoring program
  4. MAPS differentiates itself from other for-profit and non-profit competitors through its holistic, values-based, service-oriented approach and innovative programs.  MAPS infuses a multi-layered approach to address the personal, family, financial, emotional, social, academic, and other human components—the whole human being.
  1. We train the youth to recognize the root of their problems and provide practical tools and strategies through our leadership program.



  1. All students who participated and completed the full college access program as well as applied to four-year institutions were accepted (87% went to four-year institutions with no drop outs).
  2. Low-income, minority students in the program increased their ACT scores by 12 points.
  3. 100% of young adults who completed the internship program received employment, mostly full-time careers in their prospective fields.
  4. Students have changed from MAPS.  They no longer have personal, mental, and family issues (e.g. attempted suicide, desire to shoot people, depression, hopelessness, anxiety, no meaning to live, etc.).
  5. MAPS’ results oriented program prepares and launches students to get to college, finish college, and position themselves to thrive in life.

Other Results:

  • Decrease drop out rate
  • Prevented suicide
  • Minimized depression
  • Stopped a campus shooting
  • Improve relationships
  • Increase in motivation, grades, and productivity


Notable Achievements

  1. In 2014, out of 28 cities in the San Gabriel Valley region, MAPS was chosen as the best of the best community based organization.
  2. MAPS CEO, Dr. Koo, was chosen to be one of the top 25 Korean-American community leaders in the nation in 2011.
  3. MAPS and the CEO have appeared in numerous local and national newspapers.
  4. Acquired four buildings and office spaces rent free
  5. Cultivated strategic partnerships and collaborated with businesses, agencies, governmental leaders, and leaders in community organizations
  6. Signed a memorandum of understanding with a California municipality and 19 other agencies


Note: We Need Your Help!

  1. Donations to create the most comprehensive College Preparatory Leadership and Mentoring program this fall.
  2. Cultivate new collaborate partnerships with businesses, agencies, schools, and people.
  3. Expand MAPS programs and services to a new city to demonstrate program effectiveness.


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