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Career Prep, Internship, Leadership Program

MAPS 4 College takes a concerted effort to customize positions and tasks that are aligned towards interns’ passions in life and for their next stage in life, whether they desire to be gainfully employed or go back to school.  The program helps interns develop strong and positive character, create tasks that are tailored toward their future job position, and become confident yet humble individuals.

At MAPS, high school students, college students, and adults are trained to prepare for their next job, career, and life passion.  MAPS not only provides people with hands-on training, but also helps them to learn how to adapt to different work environments, as well as learn social and work etiquette, e-communication, and other communication strategies to excel at various work sites.  Whether they learn to speak with dignitaries, business leaders, or office staff, MAPS provides the foundational skills people need to establish meaningful relationships and work habits.  MAPS creates roads for people who desire to build their skill set, strengthen their character, and learn what it takes to be a leader in the 21st century.



The complete Leadership and Career Training Program provides a comprehensive, adaptable program for interns to take the opportunity to complete the entire program.  There are eight semi-structured phases in the program, including: Interview, Testing, Evaluation, Job Title and Collaboration, Evaluation, Individual Performance, Evaluation, and Job Search.  The phases are adjusted to meet the intern’s personal goals.


When participating at MAPS, people can select from various positions in the fields of Public Relations & Media, Administration & Management, Research Development, Teaching and more. Below are some samples of your possible position here at MAPS:

Public Relations and Media

Research and Development

Administration and Management


Media RelationsPublic Relations

Marketing and Advertising

Special Events


Graphic Design/Publishing


Research for grantsWriting letters, proposals, and grants

And More!

Executive AssistantAdministrative Assistant

Special Prjects

Workshop and Presentation Coordinator



RESULTS – 95% received full-time jobs or were accepted into a MS/Ph.D. program!

Almost all the interns who desired a full-time employment position after the internship position came to fruition.  High School students matriculated to prestigious colleges throughout the nation (e.g. USC, Princeton, UCLA, and more).  This is only the tip of the iceberg.



In the program, interns learn various components to help them become successful employees, graduate students, and future employers.  The following are some components interns experienced while they participated in the Leadership and Career Preparation Program:

Personal Development

Leadership Development

Employee Development


Discover what they are passionate about and pursue their future career paths (vision, dream, mission, goals) Understand people’s behaviors and not become affected by unhealthy issues in the workplace Understand the importance of becoming an excellent, productive employee/employer
Become adaptable to change, learn how best to maintain a positive attitude, and have an open mind to learn Learn the importance of helping others and putting others first Become responsible and accountable for their actions (e.g. learning, life choices, and more)
Gain self-awareness (identity, personality, obstacles, expectations, life goals, and more) Increase personal motivation to excel despite obstacles and not give up Find multiple solutions and take the initiative to see it through
Develop time-management skills Learn how to manage and delegate tasks Become non-competitive and supportive
Develop good character, confidence, and courage to overcome obstacles Take responsibility for their actions Find resources and solutions to issues that impede their way
Improve communication skills (intrapersonal and interpersonal; oral; and written) Reduce negative personal issues(e.g. rejection, fear, anxieties, pain, stress, and more) Learn how to value and appreciate others (become open to diverse peoples and situations)
Develop problem solving techniques and willingness to talk about their problems Learn not to become angry, bitter, jealous, and irritated Become emphatic and compassionate towards people who are different from themselves
Strengthen skills needed to effectively and efficiently fulfill tasks and goals Learn to resolve internal and external conflicts   Be able to work by themselves or work in a group
Become aware of repetitive patterns and reduce unwanted destructive patterns Learn to forgive and be forgiven when misunderstanding and mistakes occur Develop a sense of community and positive relationships with clients and colleagues
Become aware of the thoughts, actions, and choices people make and of themselves Strengthen self-reflection techniques, critical thinking skills, and decision-making skills Listen and follow protocol while also learning how to address inconsistencies and inequitable practices



Our interns do great work! Here is one college graduate’s experience at MAPS.

MAPS Portfolio Final (Blanca C.) – Final position: Youth Director


Here is one success story from the first city-wide event MAPS hosted:

In April 2010, the CSUF interns assisted in the planning and organizing of an outdoor pro-gram in Baldwin Park, CA. Objectives of the event included introducing the community to MAPS 4 College and learning what it will take to increase the college going rate for high school students from the Baldwin Park community. This was a seminal event, which resulted in the City of Baldwin Park, the Baldwin Park Unified School District, and MAPS 4 College coming together to participate as joint partners in this initiative. The program ―Spring to College‖ featured prominent members of the community, the City as well as the State Gov-ernment, including keynote speakers: Former Senator Gloria Romero and State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez, Mayor Pro Tem Marlen Garcia, Councilmember Monica Garcia, Councilmem-ber Ricardo Pacheco, Councilmember Susan Rubio, School Board Member Hugo Tzec, Ac-tress Nikki SooHoo from The Lovely Bones and Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, and much more. Thus, through internships and volunteer services, participants are provided an oppor-tunity to further develop their individualized workforce readiness skills.




















CSUF PR/Communications Team!

Nick, James, Jenna, Katrina, Michelle, and Garrett


(HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM) Received on March 24, 2014

 “The LCP has provided me with the opportunity to develop my skills as a researcher. I was able to intern for MAPS as an administrative and research assistant and helped with various things that looks great on my resume and also helps me think about what I might want to do in the future. I really appreciate the fact that I was exposed to research and different career paths because it expanded the breadth of possible paths I could take in the future. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and though I still don’t have a clear picture, I do know that there’s lots of things that could be done and I’m not restructured to the current institutions that exist.”

“I think for the most part, the biggest lesson I took away from this is to not say that I will do something without really assessing my commitment to the project. Sarai used to assign me tasks and there were some that I could never get around to doing it and sometimes, were completely out of my scope of abilities. I would think about doing them, work on them for a bit, and then eventually forgot about it.”

“I think it’s important to learn that I can’t take on all the things in the world and that’s okay because there are tasks that I could handle and handle well.”

 Blanca’s Testimony 

Received on February 28, 2014

“My experience at MAPS 4 College was both gratifying and encouraging.  I was able to work with first generation minority students gain access to colleges through leadership.  Moreover, I was able to work with these young student youth on an individual and team level and it taught me to see the tremendous amount of determination, courage and desire they have to succeed and move forward in their lives. This experience has helped me to become more confident in my ability to lead others. I am more self-aware of my mentor ship capabilities. Mentoring is a difficult task, but if done with positive reinforcement, compassion and patience, it is a rewarding experience. Overall, MAPS 4 College has allowed me to become more critical about what it means to be an effective leader and a leader is not born overnight but created through life experiences.”


Pauline’s Testimony

“When I first interned at MAPS, my main goal was to seek guidance in the job market: to learn skills that will make me a competitive job applicant & a successful worker, but MAPS has proven to be more that that.  MAPS has shown me that to be successful in my goal of finding a good job, I had to take a holistic approach. I couldn’t just focus on my career and use my career as a measure of success and happiness; everything goes hand in hand whether it be my relationship with my friends and family or simple things as taking a proactive approach to my health. It is this lesson that I take away from my experience in MAPS.”

 Deepa’s Testimony

Received on September 2010

Position:  Marketing Coordinator

“My first encounter with MAPS 4 College was at one of their events in Baldwin Park earlier this year.  I was interested in volunteering for an education-based non-profit and had thus decided to pay a visit.  While at the event, I was moved by Sarai Koo’s amazing speech.  The whole atmosphere and the way the program was run gave everyone a feel that MAPS 4 College not only provides education consultancy, but they do it with a personal touch.  I could see clearly that Sarai has a sincere concern towards the students in need.  Parents are also an important part of the program, which makes it unique.  I was at once convinced that I want to be a part of this organization.  As my association continued, I have realized that the key component in MAPS 4 College culture is the personal aspect of it.  Sarai and her team are not only caring and sympathetic to the students, they carry that attitude with the staff and volunteers as well.  As part of my involvement with the organization, I conducted a survey amongst students, volunteers and partners of MAPS 4 College to gather information about what people thought of MAPS 4 College.  The responses spoke clear and loud about the uniqueness and holistic nature of the program that has made a long-lasting impact on people’s minds.  My involvement in the organization has broadened my perspective about life and education.  I have now developed a sense of responsibility towards my own education as well as the education of the community I live in.  If an organization could be so much with budget constraints, there is so much to look forward to from it in the future.  I wish MAPS 4 College all the luck and light to forge ahead!”

November 2011 – update

“I currently work as a software Quality Assurance engineer at Belkin International.  My experience at MAPS definitely helped to get the current position. MAPS was an eye opener to American culture and problems. Sarai is an amazing personality and just knowing her and her achievements was a great inspiration to me. I owe a lot to MAPS FOR College.  MAPS 4 College is a great program for students. I was a student who was pretty much lost in my teens. I was weak at heart and could not be assertive or take any solid decisions. These years are formative years for the whole life of a person, and thus I think that by guiding children at that delicate age, we are actually creating leaders for the future. MAPS is a dream organization to work for, because I am sure that once you make a difference in someone’s life, it is only going to inspire you to make a difference everywhere you go. Working for MAPS has been an enriching experience for me.  MAPS 4 College is going to be a very successful program someday. I wish I could do more. I am definitely going to get back to being involved actively with MAPS. I live in LA now and I hope to be involved. I was excited about what MAPS was involved in!”




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