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College Preparatory Mentoring Project


maps cohort 3 flyer             MAPSrecruitment.11.8.2010 
Helen (cohort 1)  created the Cohort 2 and 3 flyers.

The College Preparatory Mentoring Project is MAPS’ signature peer-to-peer, cohort-based program to prepare high school students to graduate from high school, matriculate to college, and graduate from college.  The College Preparatory Mentoring Project is a one-of-a-kind, holistic, college readiness and leadership/character program that is a unique hands-on learning experience that impacts not only the lives of students who participate in the program but also the community to which they belong.

Schedule: Meeting times, hours, and  lesson plans are co-constructed with the current and previous cohort members. (that’s why this program is so unique!)

2010-2012 Two-Year Community Action Grant

This two-year grant project was made possible in part by a grant from AAUW.

MAPS 4 College CEO designed and implemented a college preparatory mentoring project that targeted low-income, female, 11th and 12th grade students.  The project is limited to students who receive a free or reduced lunch in the city of Baldwin Park and are not associated with the Advanced via Individual Determination program. The project curriculum will integrate specific content areas, i.e., science, math, technology, English, reading, and writing, which is aligned with the California content standards as well as the ACT exam. The project goals are to increase the target group’s college entrance exam scores on the official ACT test to the ACT’s College Readiness benchmark requirement to be ready for college; expose students to an integrated approach to learning math, science, English, and reading; and introduce young females to college majors and career opportunities in science, math, and technology fields. As a result, the participants will utilize the information they learned and teach fellow peers the same material. The program will have a positive incremental effect and break educational and economic barriers among the female population.

2012 and After

Students from cohort 1-3 unanimously voted to include males into the CPMP program.  For the first time, the all female cohort recruited males into cohort 4.  Students from Cohort 1-3 taught the ACT to Cohort 4.  Since 2013, MAPS has had a total of seven cohorts!


Grant requirements fulfilled:
* prepare the ACT college entrance exam
* introduce students to college majors and career opportunities in STEM fields
* have prior cohort teach the next cohort


MAPS went over and beyond the grant’s objectives and goals

The college readiness component includes:
* complete college applications
* find the best college match
* create a college list
* be educated about the different between ACT/SAT/test optional colleges and universities
* learn about acclimating on college campuses as a minority/student of color
* learn how to write college personal essays
* visit colleges
* complete the financial aid form
* complete academic/job resume, research college using books and websites
* prepare for college/job interviews
* learn about the current trends in post-secondary education
* (optional) youth employment and internship
* and more!

The leadership component includes:
* Peers teach the ACT (prepare curriculum, lesson plans, teach to their peers, and more)
* prepare to host college fairs (three in total)
* plan a teen summit
* volunteer/internship


All low-income, at-risk, minority students in our poverty-stricken community who completed the year-long program ALL went to college and have not dropped out! 87% – 4 year, 13% – 2 year (amazing, right?)


Additional Information

AAUW.CA-MAPS.CPMP presentation

The excerpt below was a blog written by Dr. Sarai Koo for Supporting Student Success

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