Life Changing

For many students, MAPS is a life changing program. A real life example of how MAPS is life changing can be witnessed through “D”’s journey. When “D” came to our summer camp program he was a high-risk student who was involved in gang life and had just come out of juvie. The life changing holistic program transformed him. Rather than regret and hold onto his past life choices, “D” decided to move forward. His choice to experience what MAPS could offer was life changing.


Participated in 2011 8-day Mountain Top Program

written July 2012

“Well after Maps 4 College, I was so inspired and motivated by your program to go to college. I began applying For Cal State Universities with the help of my teachers at XXX and the knowledge I received with Maps 4 College. So I applied . . . I thought I was only going to get accepted by one university but I was accepted by all four. I was really astonished and so happy. So of course I had to choose one which was so difficult to do with 4 options. I ended up choosing Cal State Northridge and immediately applied with EOP and was accepted. I also chose to live in the dorms so I move in some time around next month. I just wanted to say thanks to you and the program because it really helped inspire me to go to college and it worked. All the things I learned from the program and the things XXX taught me were very helpful. So hopefully we can meet again and I know you’re an extremely busy person so you tell me whenever it’s possible. THANK YOU and MAPS 4 COLLEGE.

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