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Healthy Relationships Program

At MAPS, we believe in the importance of developing healthy relationships by teaching youth and adults HOW-TO understand others, communicate effectively, and bridge differences.

HRC Award

MAPS received an award for providing healthy relationship classes in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Santa Clara Counties.

In our program, thousands of our youth and adults (single, married, and divorced) have learned the following . . . and much more:

  • learn how to develop and maintain positive relationships
  • learn to self-regulate  emotions
  • develop communication and life skills
  • learn effective communication and conflict management skills
  • know how to spot destructive patterns and unhealthy relationships
  • Knowing yourself—personality style, baggage, expectations, mapping your future
  • Forming and maintaining healthy relationships—knowledge, skills, smart steps
  • Frameworks for assessing relationships and making decisions
  • learn what to do and what not to do to prevent from having to divorce
  • and much more!

MAPS 4 College has developed a collaborative partnership with schools and agencies to provide healthy relationship programs throughout California.  We oversee more than 80 facilitators, teachers, and counselors! Some of our partnerships include:


• Youth Policy Institute
• Bresee Foundation
• HOLA After School Program (Heart of LA)
• Man-e-Moreno Foundation
• Downey Adult School
• Project Access


• Alliance Marc & Eva Stern Math and Science Academy
• Alliance Health Services Academy
• College Ready Academy #5 High School
• Camino Nuevo High School
• Los Angeles Leadership Academy High School
• Colegio New City High School
• Oscar Del La Hoya Animo Charter High School

MAPS provides the following curricula/programs for youth:


Connections: Dating and Emotions
• 17 lessons (2 levels)
• Topics: dating, loneliness, starting over, and more.
This innovative, research-based curriculum helps teens understand the challenges that arise in early relationships, develop healthy dating practices, self-regulate intense emotions and cultivate life skills.  Engaging, interactive, ready-to-teach lessons show teens:  how positive relationships develop, effective ways to communicate, how to spot destructive patterns, to deal with emotions, and other essential healthy interpersonal skills. Content also integrates material from the highly-respected PREP ® program. This 17-lesson course helps teens understand early relationships – and helps establish a strong foundation for later life.          

Keywords:  Dibble Institute, Char Kamper, self-understanding, managing emotions, effective communication, Charlene Kemper, schools, youth organizations, teenagers, junior high, middle school, high school

LoveU2: Relationship Smarts Plus

Love U2: Relationship Smarts PLUS
•13 lessons
•Topics: identity, love and intimacy, what is a healthy relationships, breaking up, dating abuse, etc.

Love U2: Relationship Smarts PLUS which is based on the 5-year federal evaluation study at Auburn University, offers activity-based lessons to guide teens in building healthy relationships and making wise choices. Covers some of the following topics: maturity, values clarification and peer pressure, attractions and infatuation, building blocks for positive relationships, identify and future orientation, how to gauge relationship health, the low-risk relationship strategy, principles of smart relationships, the nature of true intimacy and a realistic concept of love, and breaking up.  Also features cutting edge date violence prevention material.

  También Te Amo: Relaciones MAS Inteligentes –  (Love U2: Relationship Smarts PLUS)

Amor U2: Relaciones MAS Inteligentes el cual está basado en un estudio  evaluativo  federal de 5 años en la  Universidad de Auburn,  y ofrece lecciones basadas en actividades para orientar a adolescentes en la construcción de relaciones saludables y la toma de decisiones sabias. Cubre algunos de los siguientes temas: la madurez, la clarificación de valores y la presión de grupo, atracciones y encaprichamiento, cimientos para tener relaciones positivas, identificación y orientación hacia el futuro, como medir la salud de la relación, la estrategia para tener una relación de bajo riesgo, los principios de las relaciones inteligentes, la naturaleza de la verdadera intimidad y un concepto realista del amor, y la separación.  Además, cuenta con material de primera en cuanto a la prevención de la violencia en el noviazgo.


Connections: Relationships and Marriage: One of the most effective nationally evaluated relationship and marriage programs for teens, this creative program helps young adults learn to create and sustain healthy, meaningful relationships.  The skill-based course covers:  building on individual strengths, how family experiences shape relationship expectations, developing positive conflict resolution strategies, setting life goals, improving communication patterns, love, commitment, and marriage.  The program includes the popular Marriage Game that is a big favorite with boys and girls alike! Includes material from the highly-respected PREP ® trainings.

Keywords:  Dibble Institute, Char Kamper, self-understanding, managing emotions, effective communication, Charlene Kemper, schools, youth organizations, teenagers, junior high, middle school, high school, compassion, empathy


MAPS provides programs for young adults and adults (single, married, and divorced)

Pickpartner   The PICK-a-Partner Program

The PICK-a-Partner Program (Premarital Interpersonal Choices & Knowledge)  is a  curriculum based on elaboration of the Relationship Attachment Model (RAM) divided into two major sections: the head and the heart. Section 1 is an overview of the RAM that explains the importance of building safe relationships while knowing what to look for in a dating partner. Section 2 and 3 develop the five key areas to explore in a partner in order to have an accurate understanding of what that person would be like in a long-term relationship. This is referred to as “head knowledge” in the RAM. The last two sections, 4 and 5, explain the “heart knowledge” of the RAM- the dynamics of trust, reliance, commitment and sexual touch. Appropriate for teens through adults.

El programa de PICK-un-compañero (Las siglas PICK en Ingles significan: Premarital Interpersonal Opciones y Conocimiento) es un currículo basado en la elaboración del Modelo de Relación de Apego (RAM, por sus siglas en Ingles), dividido en dos secciones principales: la cabeza y el corazón. La Sección 1 es un resumen de la memoria RAM que explica la importancia de construir relaciones seguras, al saber qué buscar en la pareja durante el noviazgo. Sección 2 y 3 desarrollan las cinco áreas claves a explorar en una pareja para tener una idea precisa de lo que esa persona sería en una relación a largo plazo. Esto se conoce como “conocimiento en la cabeza” en la memoria RAM. Las dos últimas secciones, 4 y 5, explican el “conocimiento en el corazón” de la memoria RAM, la dinámica de la confianza, la dependencia, el tacto y el compromiso sexual. Apropiado para adultos hasta adolecentes.            

familywellness  LoveNotes




MAPS 4 College has been receiving multi-year contracts with Healthy Relationships California (formerly California Healthy Marriage Coalition) from 2009 to present.  HRC received $2.5 million dollars and $2.4 million dollars from the Administration U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – Administration for Children and Families.  In the past, MAPS partnered with The East Los Angeles Community Union (TELACU) on the Futuro Now Healthy Marriage Initiative.

MAPS is proud to partner with HRC and TELACU.  HRC continually receives the largest federal grants.  TELACU is the “largest Community Development Corporation and one of the largest Hispanic businesses in the United States” (