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We are all born with a map! Some people use it and some people choose not to use it.  The latter get lost. Then, there are others who can’t find their maps! At MAPS, we are a MAP creator. We help people discover their original blueprint and show how to use their maps effectively. As a map creator, we help people see unforeseen roadblocks while create new roads (new opportunities).

At MAPS 4 College (“college” means life-long learning), we want to help you to effectively use your map.

Questions to think about:

Did you lose your map?  Join us.

Are you having difficulty navigating your map (your life)?  Join us

Do you need help getting to your next goal in life? Join us

Did you use someone else’s map and get disheartened with life?  Join us

Are you interested in redirecting your life, so you are mapping your way to live a successful life? Join us

Do you want to volunteer or intern with us?  Join us

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