MAPS 4 College and Project SPICES Host 4th Annual Out-of-State College Fair on February 18, 2015

written by Gabriel Mendoza and Sarai Koo, Ph.D.

“The idea that attending an out-of-state college will always be more expensive is not true,” Ed Devine, President-Elect of the Western Association of College Admission Counseling (WACAC) and Regional Director of Admissions at Lafayette College, said to students and parents at the college fair. “These colleges have grants and scholarships that can make attending them the same if not less than attending college in California,” Devine said.

Dr. Sarai Koo, Founder and CEO of MAPS 4 College and Chief Visionary of Project SPICES said, “We all know about the big name schools, but sometimes those schools may not be the best match for you. Finding a college that fits you means you are more likely to be successful there.”

College admission representatives presented workshops, such as finding the right college fit, living on campus, financial aid, and ways to increase their chances of being accepted into college. Also, the representatives helped students develop and/or evaluate their college essays/personal statements.

“When do you get the opportunity to have college admission representatives help YOU get ready for college? They are giving you golden nuggets that can change your life.” Koo stated.

The night concluded with a case study session entitled “How College Decisions Are Made.” Students and parents were given the chance to play the role of a college admission counselor and were asked to choose who they would accept into college from a group of mock students.

“I learned a lot,” Ricky Santiago, 16, said. “I learned how check out schools and make sure it will work for me. And if I work hard enough it can cost the same if not less as the colleges around home.”

With the information they received, they are motivated to increase their academic grades, become more involved in the community, become responsible and action-oriented leaders, and more.


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