MAPS 4 College Invites New Interns to Get Prepared for the Workforce and Find Their Purpose


Written by Audrey Ngo

MAPS 4 College Invites New Interns to Get Prepared for the Workforce and Find Their Purpose

BALDWIN PARK, Calif. – July 24, 2014 – On Aug. 5, MAPS 4 College (MAPS), the California Park and Recreation Society’s “Best of the Best Community Service” award winning nonprofit, is looking for new interns for their Leadership and Career Training Program.

Since 2006, MAPS has given high school students, college students, and adults the tools to find their purpose. Its Leadership and Career Training Program, or LCT Program, has enabled its participants to finish their degree and find full-time employment since 2009, and welcomes all students and adults seeking to improve their academic, professional, and personal life.

Founder and CEO of MAPS, Dr. Sarai Koo, has made it her mission to create a curriculum that puts people on the track to success. Her unique, free of charge, LCT Program combines her doctorate program research, her professional background in human development, and her own personal experiences into one, all-inclusive program.

The LCT Program gives participants the opportunity not to just survive, but thrive in all areas of their life including:

Discovering what they are passionate about and pursuing their future career paths

Developing good character, confidence, and courage to overcome obstacles

Building quality soft skills needed for any industry

Becoming aware of and reducing destructive patterns

Strengthening skills needed to effectively and efficiently fulfill tasks and goals such as time management, communication skills, and problem solving skills

Many past participants of the LCT Program started with no experience in the career they wanted to pursue. MAPS was able to take LCT Program participants with little or no experience and give them the tools to gain employment in finance, media communications, public relations, business and more, as well as a newfound satisfaction in their personal life.

Koo wants to take the MAPS message worldwide and let those who have fallen off track know that anyone can achieve their goals, regardless of their past. With the help of her new team, she plans to promote her organization in order to reach more students and adults in need. For more information on how to join her internship team or to donate call (310) 487-1228 or email

MAPS 4 College is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that helps students succeed in school, college, and life. The organization helps students graduate from high school, get accepted to a college, and live their purpose. MAPS engages students in a rigorous comprehensive, one of a kind learning skills program designed to develop and inspire lifelong learning and workforce readiness. This program helps students discover, articulate, and achieve their personal and educational goals regardless of their previous learning difficulty.

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