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Mountain Top Summer Camp

No other MAPS’ program matches the level of anticipation and excitement
of high school students than the Mountain Top Summer Camp.


 Since 2009, MAPS 4 College provides a holistic college camp program called Mountain Top College Prep Summer Bootcamp.  The summer camp provides comprehensive resources and support that aimed to prepare youth for college, workforce, and life.  The program is a holistic personal and life program that merged all MAPS programs and services into an intensive three to eight day program.  The “whole student” philosophy seeks to encompass the personal, emotional, academic, cultural, and psychological components needed to become balanced in life.

Using a semi-structured approach in designing the camp program, students receive knowledge, tools, and skills in areas that address their personal lives for college, career, and life from volunteers.  Volunteers include local high school students; college and career consultants; life coach consultants; employees of elected officials; admission counselors, directors of admissions, and assistant directors of admissions from liberal arts colleges and research universities; MAPS staff; and other volunteers.

The program is delivered didactically and interactively.  It includes panel discussions, presentations, and activities that provided students with ample opportunities to communicate with students and professionals around issues of college readiness and success.  The program provides workshops and activities in individual, small group, and large group formats.  The activities range from peer-to-peer to peer-to-adult interactions at the organization’s center and outside of the city.

Students attend a private panel presentation with college admission representatives from the Claremont Colleges, which was held at the Harvey Mudd College campus.  Students learn about the various Claremont Colleges, the types of students the Claremont Colleges are looking for, and the college-going experience.  In addition, students tour of one of the Claremont Colleges. Students are also taken to K1 Speed, an indoor kart racing facility where MAPS 4 rented out the facility for students and professionals to race each other.


(Watch the video!)    Mountain Top College Prep 2.0 Summer Camp

Mountain Top College Prep 2.0 Summer Camp (2009)

In August 2009, MAPS 4 College launched its first Summer Camp for high school students. Student spent two and a half days in a natural mountain setting participating in an intense learning opportunity about how to get into college and thrive in it.

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Mountain Top College Prep 3.0 Summer Camp (2010)

On August 16th-18th 2010, high school students from all over California participated in MAPS’ second annual, two and a half-day residential college preparatory summer camp.




Mountain Top College Prep 4.0 Summer Camp (2011)

From August 12 – 20, 47 high school students participated in it’s third annual summer camp program.  MAPS expanded the three-day program to an 8-day non-residential boot camp held in MAPS’ headquarters, the Teri G. Muse Family Service Center, in Baldwin Park.




 Mountain Top College Prep 5.0 Summer Camp (2012)

In it’s fourth year, MAPS had a private summer camp for its College Preparatory Mentoring Project students as a way to culminate the end of the CPMP two-year grant program.  Students each had one college admission representative (Assistant and Directors of Admission) who helped them with their college essays, prepare for college interviews, and much more!

MT Program Overview

Program Structure
individual and group workshops and presentations
small groups
group activities
one-on-one support

MAPS Summer Team
MAPS staff and interns
Directors of college admissions
Assistant directors of admissions
college admission counselors from selective to highly selective colleges and universities (e.g., liberal arts colleges, visual arts college, and research universities)
private college consultants
college students
employees of elected officials
MAPS high school students
career coaches

Topics and Services Provided
(sample schedule from the 2011 MT summer camp)

© (Koo, 2013, pg. 68).  An evaluation of the effects of an eight day summer camp college access program on college attendance rates, motivation, and sense of community

2012 Camp Evaluation Results: 86% went to four-year colleges and universities. 13% went to two-year colleges. Students perceived having high intrinsic motivation and a sense of connectedness to the program and their peers.


Brief Overview of Activities and Workshops


August 12

Administer pre-evaluation, welcome, and introductionsPresentations: Overview of the college admissions process; 5 capitals: Changing your life by getting ready for college and life; learn the struggles and ways to have a voice as a student of color attending college at a Predominately White Institution (PWI); and financial literacy and financial aid

Activity: What type of student with a particular GPA will get into college

Saturday, August 13

Presentations: Workforce readiness information; create a professional/academic resume; overview of ACT/SAT, choosing college majors and careers, and learning how to find the best college match; and how to write college essays


August 15

Presentations: Academic success story-I’m not a C average student; panel Presentation with two first generation, Latino/a Americans who went to community colleges and transferred to four-year institutions; comprehensive overview of the college admission and application process; learn how to search for colleges that is best suited for them; and how to make the most of college visits


August 16

Presentation: Claremont College TourActivity: In-door kart racing


August 17

Presentations: College representatives provide an overview of their colleges and universities; case studies with admissions counselors;Activity: College fair on-site and admission counselors assist students with their applications


August 18

Presentations: Why students should consider going out of state for college; visual art colleges and performing arts colleges; and college interviewing with college admissionsActivity: Students practice interviewing with college admission officers


August 19

Presentation: Learn how to enhance relationship and communication skillsIndividual/Group Work: Students complete CSU/UC/Common App essays and applications


August 20

Individual/Group Work: Finalize college applications and other documentsAdminister post-evaluation