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Other Services

At MAPS, we offer an array of services.  When people ask, “What does MAPS do”, well, it’s difficult to answer because we have a laundry list. Rather than saying everything, we have included a list of services we have been providing to our students on this page:

College Tours

At MAPS, we offer college tours to all students who want a tangible experience on various college atmospheres. Previous colleges we have visited include:

American University, CSUs, UCs, Dickinson University, Drexel University, Georgetown University, Lehigh University, Northeastern University, Otis College of Arts and Design, Pomona Art Center of College and Design, San Diego Christian College, San Diego State University, University of Pennsylvania, and more!


Individual Counseling/Advising

Students can sign-up to receive individual counseling to address any educational needs they may have. Whether students want to know what classes to take, where to get their next internship, or why their parents nag them about studying, we offer these services.


College Fair

MAPS not only works with students to host city-wide college fairs, but also takes students to visit college fairs.


 Community Service

At MAPS, we prepare students to be service-oriented, productive citizens. We offer community service opportunities to students.


Test Prep and Other Academic Courses

MAPS mainly focuses on the ACT, but we have provided SAT and vocabulary courses.


 Financial Aid and Planning

We provide financial aid workshops and seminars to help people learn about the financial aid process, financial planning and savings, and budgeting.