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At MAPS, we believe your voice counts because we value you.

“Rather than strict and tightly organized, CPMP was a fluid, student controlled setting that paid close attention to our voices and needs. . . . In hindsight, what MAPS did was give us power. Sarai was slowly transitioning us to a position of power by giving us a voice and making us have an opinion over something that we should have control over—our own development and education. She didn’t just give us a choice but she let us make choices. The sudden release of power from an authority figure left us literally speechless as we didn’t know what to make of this new found ability to actually decide. We’d sit there awkwardly shy and silent when she asked us what we wanted to eat sometimes for an abnormally long span of time. We simply didn’t want the power. We wanted others to make the choices for us or to give us a list of options and then we’d choose from that. That was the feeling I got from the initial stages of cohort 1. I think the mindset was, “What do I know? You’re the adult and teacher, you should know.”  (Helen, written Sept. 2013)