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MAPS focuses on the whole person.  We do this by integrating academic, social, emotional, leadership, and service-learning programs and services. For example, students enroll in the organization’s test preparation services, college admission and application assistance, college tours, community service and leadership opportunities, career training programs, positive relationship workshops, and life skills classes.

Students who participate in the program become confident, resourceful, motivated, resilient, and pro-active by learning how to resolve conflicts, reduce stress and anger, reject peer pressure, and overcome perceived inequalities. They learn aspects that are most important in securing a quality life, such as finding careers that are aligned with their passions.

MAPS students receive an array of resources, such as our college counseling courses, summer college camps, college tours, financial planning and saving strategies, life skills, and much more. In total, MAPS has provided 207 programs and services since 2005, and we have served more than 22,606 people! We thank the 600 personnel (staff, consultants, interns, and volunteers) who have made this possible.

Below is a list of our program and services:


College Preparatory Leadership and Mentoring Project

Career, Internship, and Leadership Program

ACT Test preparation program

Healthy Relationship Program


Covered CA- Yes, we help people sign-up for health insurance.

Community Service

Youth Services

Speaking engagements


Note: MAPS’ success has been attributed to the SPICES theory and methodology developed by Dr. Koo.  Through extensive research and analysis, SPICES integrates the components, knowledge, skills, and techniques for students to become successful for life.