The Benefits of MAPS

Here at MAPS we have a plethora of training programs to offer—there are programs for high school students and those in college/recently graduated. For our high school students we have many academic programs to increase their interest in college. Our training programs for our college students are a little different; at MAPS we know that our students have what it takes, they just need a little experience.

Our training programs for high school students begin with ACT prep. The ACT is one of the biggest national exams and we want our students to excel. MAPS teaches the students the material they need to know for the test, but once the first group of students have successfully been through the course they then teach the next level of students. We want to expose students to leadership roles through academic teaching—this method has proven to be very successful.

ACT prep was one of the original goals at MAPS—we have extended the goals even further. MAPS wants our students to prosper not only in high school but also in college. We have set up training programs to guide students through the rigorous and stressful process of applying to college. We introduce them to the ways of researching colleges and applying for financial aid; we also teach them how to write an academic resume and a great personal statement.

After our high school students have gone through the programs that MAPS offer, they all go on to have success in college.

The college student training programs are focused on giving our interns experience so they can put on their resume. Our interns are given huge roles within the organization by running their own programs that cater to the needs MAPS have at the time. As a MAPS intern currently, I function as a copywriter and content editor—I create SEO blog postings daily. Other interns have been more hands on by creating educational programs for the local youth to attend and learn more about academic success.

The benefits of our MAPS training program are numerous and proven We have sent our high school students to great and various college and our interns have all gone on to find jobs.


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