The First Semester

The first semester of college is one of the most exciting, nerve wracking, eye-opening experiences everyone goes through. Incredible amounts of freedom is given to you that sometimes coping with the massive amounts of free time can be stressful. How do you find success in your first semester? This is a question that can be answered many ways, because every individual functions differently. However, what every individual needs to know is not to waste time. I found in the first semester so much idle time was had that freshman lost track of the time and forgot that they had to do homework, study, go to practice/club meetings. The way to success is to create a schedule that best suits you. In high school, class was everyday starting in the morning then ending in the afternoon. After school was let out students would go to sports practice, club meetings, or go home and do homework—because that was how their schedule worked. In college, there is a class schedule, but usually classes are held three or two times a week and an individual can have up to a five-hour break in between classes. What will help you properly utilize the free time is to create a schedule of when you have class, good time to study, what time your respective organizations meet, and finally some free time so you can relax.

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