The Major Dilemma

I wrote a post earlier on how to choose a major. The contents of the post were four tips one should do to pick the major that fits them. What was not mentioned is switching majors if you absolutely despise your field of study. Do not fret about switching your major; people do it all the time. I remember my original major was biology and after two more switches I ended college with a degree in English.

To come to the decision to switch a major is stressful, being uneasy about this being the right choice. It took me awhile to truly understand my passion and what I was good at. What I did do was take classes in every field of study after I decided biology was not for me. Besides fulfilling major requirements, undergraduate students have to fulfill general education requirements. I spoke to my advisor at the time and asked which classes would fulfill what and made sure that they were all in a different major department (some requirements can be in the same department).

I found that the course I took in the English department interested me the most because I spent more time studying and preparing for the class. This is the key to knowing if you truly feel passionate for a subject. I would spend hours reading about literary theories and spend minutes reading through my political science or psychology textbook.

Now, I was not thrilled with every class I took in the English department; I don’t know anyone who loved every class in their department. Therefore, before you switch your major try taking one or two more classes before fully committing the switch. Usually, it is the level one hundred courses people find to be disinteresting because they cover just the basics. Deeper into the majors the course become more definite in one area of the field of ones choosing.


You know how to choose a major, you have taken a couple classes but you know it will be miserable to continue. Then switch. There is no need to feel guilty or like you have given up. Like I said, many people switch majors.


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