The Only Way is to Write

Writing is the most important tool many people do not posses in their figurative tool shed. I have wrote about college and career readiness before, what I did not address is properly constructing a sentence is the most important skill one could have. In every field of study and line of work writing will be involved; be it an intense research project or sending an email to a coworker or boss. If one does not know how to accurately express them through use of written word, than college and career readiness will elude them.

People are not just born being a great writer—granted, writing comes easier to some than others—people have work daily to become an effective writer. Writing should be considered how one would consider a sport. To become a good basketball player practice is required at least four times a week. Writing should also be practiced, if not everyday, at least write three times a week. I have found it helpful to keep a journal that details my day.

Another great way to improve writing skills is by reading. I understand in high school that there is tons of homework and extra curricular activities that take priority, however, reading a chapter a day of a book that interests you is not impossible. Seeing new words and writing styles will only improve one’s own writing abilities.

Creating a strong, effective email is not an easy task. It is a skill that needs to be mastered to find success in the workforce. Emails should not show off your grandiose knowledge of vocabulary or your limited knowledge of when to use the correct punctuation. Emails should be short, sweet, and get the point clearly across. If one can write a strong email they will be looked at more highly than the rest of the filed.

The most important tool for college and career readiness is writing. Having the ability to write clearly and concisely is a huge advantage. Practicing at least three times a week and reading at least for ten minutes a day is the only way to sharpen ones skills.

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