The Other Option

Yesterday I wrote about why go to college? The answer was simple: go to be challenged, grow as a person, and learn new perspectives about the world. These are intangibles everyone should strive for. However, I know that going to college is not for everyone. Many people go to school, drop out and have wasted money they could have used on finding a career that gives them joy. The problem is not many alternatives to a four-year college are advertised at high schools. Some schools still offer counseling for alternative paths along with trade classes (woodshop, auto shop, metal shop, etc.). Unfortunately, with budget cuts to high schools trade programs have slowly been wiped away as classes to take. Therefore, more students are left with no way of knowing if this is something that they will enjoy.

Even though trade classes in high schools are disappearing, there are still many trade school colleges open that want students. Trade schools are a viable option for recent high school graduates who do not go on to college. A great benefit of these schools on not only you have been set up with a career, but they help to position their graduates in the respective fields.

Society tends to look down on trade schools and feel like they are for those that are not smart enough to go to school. That is an absurd assumption. Great careers can be had from going to trade schools. In high school, discover which trade interests you and where you can go with. There are different test one can take to see which field they will thrive in. What should not happen is to let graduation come and go and not have taken active steps to ensure a solid foundation for the future.


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