The Sky’s The Limit

Written by: Isaiah Lee

Date: July 2, 2015

    What is MAPS 4 College? As an approaching senior in high school there are a countless number of questions that need to be answered. How do I fill out my application? What schools do I apply to? What do I write for my college essay? With the plethora of questions that arise, I can only wonder what is in store for me in the near future.

    Coming from a very fortunate household, I don’t have much to worry about. College is just around the corner and it seems to be a clear straight road ahead. Yet for many, especially within Los Angeles, college isn’t even an option and even if it was it could mean an entire lifetime of paying off student loans. To be honest I never thought MAPS 4 College would apply to me. My first impressions were that this is just like any other non- profit that provides a means for lower income families to reach a higher education. How incredibly wrong I was. After studying and reading through the website, I came to this realization that MAPS 4 College applies to so much more. In essence, yes, MAPS is an “educational pipeline” but beyond that it serves to provide all the necessary attributes needed to succeed in life. One of the main components that really captivated my attention were the messages written under youth voices. In almost every post I read about how MAPS and the people had changed their lives for the better and provided them with something that could never be taken away. Each message in itself was very genuine and special and gave me a whole new perspective on this organization. “MAPS was the place where I smiled, laughed, cried, and blossomed. It became my safe haven.” After reading those stories I could not help but feel jealous that I was not able to participate with MAPS.

    MAPS 4 College is much more than what I originally perceived. This program encompasses everything, from the ACT test to living a holistic and content life. Although I am writing from an external perspective, I believe this organization truly has potential. And as a MAPS graduate similarly said “MAPS can change the world, I hope people don’t take it lightly…because it can.”

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