Why go to College?

In high school the only option presented to students after graduation is college. Teachers, parents, and society tell students that college is necessary to be successful—degrees are needed to obtain a job once you are twenty-two. However, it goes unrealized that college is not for every student; there are other options other than going to a four-year institution. This blog is not going to address the other options, that will be save for tomorrows blog, the question: “Why go to college?” is what will be answered.

College is a place for expanding knowledge and understanding different cultures and concepts that were not available in high school. College is for the passionate who want to develop their brain into a weapon of knowledge, to one day benefit the community around them. One should go to college because they want to be challenged to think in new perspectives and understand how different schools of learning are intertwined. A student should not go to college because they are told you. There will only be success in college is there is a burning desire in the student to devout themselves to hours of reading, writing, attending class, and discussing issues that would not be presented at home.

Why go to college? If you are truly devoted to paying a hefty price (there are ways to make school affordable) for an unbelievable, academic challenge, then go to college. One does not have to know right away what their major will be, or who their lifelong friends will be, or even an idea of a career. One just needs to posses the burning want for the ability to view perspectives from different eyes.

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